Hi everyone! Due to the Corona virus, the launch of Planty is delayed. Do you live in the Netherlands and want to start now? Then you can do so our Dutch sister company, de Makkelijke Moestuin. Planty is coming! 

Naar de Makkelijke Moestuin

Start a super rewarding project from tiny seeds

Grow your own organic food with our growing kits, seeds and app. Nothing else needed. Guaranteed to grow. 
Start from €25

Growing food made easy & fun

We want growing food to be as normal as making a cuppa tea. So we spent 5 years developing the easiest way of doing it.

Our goal: eliminating anything that would prevent a regular person from gardening. We tested and improved the system with thousands of people. 

The result is Planty. It's a real vegetable garden - but made easy and fun. No bull!@$, no expensive gimmicks. Simply: solid, sustainable materials, the power of the sun, and an app that guides you every step of the way. 
About us

How it works

Step 1

Get some Plantys

We send you a box with everything you need to grow food (anywhere in Europe). 

Start with one or as many as you'd like. Put them on your balcony, in your garden, on your roof… anywhere with sunlight.
Step 2

Download the free Planty.io app

Our app gives fun, gamified growing advice. From setup to harvest.

Based on your unique growing situation (like local weather, sun hours etc), it lets you sow, water and do plant-specific tasks. 
Step 3

Sow your future green friends

You choose what to sow, the app tells you exactly when and how. 

Our seeds are completely natural and specially selected to give lots of harvest on a tiny surface.
Step 4

Watch the magic happen

Do simple tasks to care for your plants, about 10min. each week. Eat the freshest produce ever when they're fully grown. 

After harvest: sow again (a Planty can have up to 4 different crops a season). Welcome to the growin' lifestyle.

Why it works

Ridiculously good soil

Each Planty comes with natural soil that’s so good, gardening in it is basically cheating. It was made after countless of grow-tests with soil experts & gardening gurus. 

Air pruning material

Our growbags are made of felt fabric that breathes. Side-by-side growing tests show about 30% better growth compared to growing in an enclosed pot. 

30x30cm: the perfect size

All of the crops you’ll grow fit a Planty like a glove: 1 kale, 4 lettuce crops, 9 beets, 16 carrots… etc. Each plant gets exactly the space it needs while optimizing harvest.

Super smart app

Our app uses data of your unique situation (sun hours, season, weather, plant conditions, etc.) to give you the exact right growing advice. You can't screw up your plants.

100% recycled plastic

All Planty growbags are made of 100% recycled plastic bottles. So not only will you save on consuming plastic by growing food, you’ll clean up plastic waste by getting a Planty. Go you! 

Nature is your friend

Having edible plants around your household is good for your physical and mental health. Plus: they make your place look better. It’s a win-win: you take care of your plants, they take care of you.  Ain’t that beautiful?