Our mission

Hey! We are team Planty. We made the #1 easy vegetable gardening service in the Netherlands. And now we're here to bring it to the rest of Europe:
We want to make growing food easy, fun and affordable. For everyone. 
Why do we want this? Well, growing food makes people healthier & happier. And it's good for the world. We could talk about this for hours, but you'll get it when your first tiny seedlings sprout. 
Unfortunately, most people:

  1. don't even try gardening
  2. try, fail and give up 

(Or they work insane hours in their garden - or are assisted by their gardening guru granddad - which is cheating) 

So, we set out to change that. 

Our goals

Make a garden with:
Low entry-barrier 
One super affordable kit is enough to start, and you don't need to know anything about plants.

Success on first try 
Top-grade materials and soil plus complete app-help will make sure that everyone - even people who typically kill plants - will grow healthy plants.

No chance of failure
Even if something goes wrong with your plants (it's nature - even happens to the pros), our app will get you on the right track again.

Spending 1 minute a day in your garden should keep it up and running. More is allowed: to look at the bees. 

Affordable and down to earth
Your plants don't need wi-fi connection. No useless and expensive bells and whistles.

The perfect gift
A fun introduction to food growing. In one affordable box. A simple gift that starts a positive chain reaction.

100% eco-friendly
Every Planty sold is good for the planet - instead of creating more waste. That's why our soil is usable year-after-year, and why our grow bags are made of recycled plastic. 

The result is Planty

A simple, clean gardening system, tested and improved with thousands of people over 5 years (which is actually a pretty crazy story). 

It does exactly what we want it to: it enables anyone, anywhere to grow food. Easily, while having fun. 

Wanna help?

Think we're on the right track? Well, you can help us, yourself and the world out:

Just get a Planty

And if you like it (we're sure you'll fall in love), tell your friends! 

About us

Hey, we're the Dutch team behind Planty. We're crazy plant people who dedicated the last 5 years to making gardening easier. 


Let's grow, people! 
Grab a planty