Fun, gamified growing advice - tailormade for your situation. Garden like a pro with zero prior experience. 
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Tamagotchi-fied gardening

Even if you normally kill plants, the Planty app will guide you from seed to harvest. 

Based on your unique situation

Every plant is different, and every gardening season is different. That's why gardening advice from a book just doesn't cut it. Our app uses data from: 

  • Your unique growing location (altitude, climate zone, current season etc.) 
  • Your local weather 
  • Your input based on simple “does your plant look like this” questions
  • Growing data of fellow Planty users 

To tell you exactly when and how to care for your plants.

We thought of everything

Setup guide

Tells you how and where to place your Planty(s) 


Step by step, exactly how and when (based on local weather) 


From watering to removing dead leaves, you'll treat your plants just right


Sometimes the app will check with you how your plants are doing - and go from there


If there's something wrong with your plants - you'll find out in a checkup - the app will tell you exactly how to get back on the right track 


Never guess when your plants are ready for harvest 

Free forever

We will keep improving the app based on community feedback. And the best part: it's free forever. It's included with every Planty.

Get started - adopt a Planty!