Planty FAQ

All your questions about Planty, on one handy page. Have another question or just wanna chat? Contact us. 


What is

Planty is an all-in-one system that lets anyone, anywhere, successfully grow food. Easy, while having fun. We sell affordable, optimized mini-gardens, and have a free app that guides you step-by-step. Together they'll make sure that you'll garden like a pro. From day one. 

What does .io stand for?

Sorry, that's confidential. 

Why should I choose Planty to grow food?

1. We know that for beginners, gardening products and some tips are not enough. Beginners need to be guided step by step. And our app does so in a fun way. 
2. We guarantee your success, even if you have zero experience with plants.
3. A combination of great growbags, the best soil in the game and a smart app will back up the previous point.
4. If you call us you get a real gardener, not a helpdesk. 
5. We are fully eco-minded.
6. It's only €25 to start. 

I'm new to gardening. How do I start?

  1. Find a sunny spot around your house 
  2. Buy a Planty and some seeds, as cheap as €25. We send you a box with everything you need
  3. Install the app and follow the instructions
Seriously, it's that easy. You don't need to have any prior knowledge. Our app will guide you from the absolute start to a healthy vegetable garden. Don't worry, get growing! 

How many Plantys do I need to start?

If you just want to try it out, start with one. 

Want to harvest different herbs and veggies for your salads/dishes from the start? Four should do. You also get a 25% discount so the fourth is on us :-) 

Want to open a salad bar straight away? 100 Plantys.

Can I grow indoors?

Plants grow best in natural sunlight, so Planty is made to place it outside.  We don't believe in gardening under lamps, it's not sustainable and not as much fun. Moreover, the Planty must be able to drain and is therefore not watertight. However, in the future, we'll probably add species that can grow in low-light conditions.

Can't I just grow in ordinary pots with regular soil?

Well, you could. But you’d hurt our feelings ;-(

But for real: you wouldn’t get anywhere near the same result. No app telling you exactly what to do. And cheaper, lower-quality materials = cheaper, lower-quality plants. 

Read here why our mix and the material of the growbag are so important and make all the difference. 

Plus: for some weird reason, most gardening products are not environmentally friendly at all. So if that's important to you: Planty is your best bet. 

How much will I harvest from 1 Planty?

A lot more than you’d think. Of course, with one 30x30cm Planty you’re not going to be self-sustainable. But, depending on the crops you choose, in one year just one Planty could net you: 16 radishes, 15 servings of lettuce, and 20 big portions of fresh basil in one year. And that excludes all the single leaves you’ll pick to garnish your sandwich. Imagine what 12 Plantys can provide. 

But it’s not just about the harvest. Most of all, you’ll gain stress-relief and fun. 

Is it too late / early in the year to start?

It's always a good time to start with Planty. Some of our crops grow almost year-round, and our app will tell you exactly what to can do in a specific time of the year. 

I live in a weird location - will it work for me?

Our app takes account of your specific location. For example: it even knows that if you live on a mountain, it's colder, and you need to sow on different dates then in warmer areas.  So yeah: if you don't live in an underground cave system, you'll be able to grow food with Planty. 

I'm horrible with plants, can I do this?

Yes, you can! Our app will be your personal coach. So don't worry.  

How are Plantys going to improve my life?

You'll find out soon enough. You’ll come home and see that your little plants have grown just a bit. You harvest some greens, your place looks better and even smells better. In the summer, you’ll see tiny bees chilling in your garden. You're gonna love it.

Plus: science says gardening is beneficial for your physical and mental health. So yah.

I don't have any space with sunlight - can I still grow with Planty?

Are you sure? Most people manage to find a spot  where they can put some Plantys. You only need about  4-6 hours of sunlight each day. Maybe on your roof? 

If you can’t find it at home, ask your workplace if you can put them there. Everyone will love it. 

But if you really can’t find a spot with sunlight, then no:  you can’t grow with Planty. Sorry. (Or consider moving to another place :P) 

Why are there only 12 seeds I can choose from?

That’s because we start with our absolute favorite 12 seeds. They all grow easily, give lots of harvest on tiny space, look good, and are TASTY. But we’ll add more seeds soon, based on community feedback. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date! 




What's included in a Planty kit?

A Planty kit comes in a box made of recycled cardboard. It includes everything you need to start growing (just pick some seeds):

 • Planty - 30x30x20cm, optimized air-pruning growbag made of recycled plastic bottles. 

 • Soil brick & soil mix  - Add water and mix the 2 components to get an optimal, organic growing mix that you can use year after year.

 • Resupply nutrients  - used to keep your mix fertilized & ready to grow for 1 full season.

 • Planty letter - our message to you. Rumour has it that sometimes there's a gift included. 

• Free iOS/Android app - fully guides you from seed to harvest in a fun, easy way. Zero experience needed. 

All you need to start growing is some seeds, which you can find in our shop. 

How eco-friendly is it?

Very eco-friendly. We want every Planty sold to be good for the world, instead of creating more waste. That's why our growbags are made of recycled plastic, and our soil is useable year-after-year. 

Do I need any additional products other than a Planty + seeds?


How good is your soil-mix?

Well, I'm glad you asked. It's the best soil-mix ever. Not only did we put almost all our budget into developing a grow-mix that will make your plants thrive, but we also put the best natural ingredients in it. Together with our app, this mix is reason why you'll be able to grow fresh plants without any prior knowledge. Want to read everything about our soil-mix? Here ya go

What is your soil made of?

Read all about our soil and the ingredients here

Are the seeds completely natural?

Yep, no Monsanto GMO or scary chemicals to coat the seeds with. We’d never sell those. 

What is the growbag made of?

It's a felt fabric that is 100% made of recycled plastic bottles. 

What is the packaging made of?

The box a Planty comes in is made of recycled cardboard. 

The only item in the box that is not recycled is the packaging of the soil mix. We are looking for a fully recycled material that can contain our soil's property, but for now, we use a PP2 material which is fully recyclable. 

Can I recycle the packaging?

Yes, please do. app

What is the App?

For beginner food growers, gardening products and some tips are not enough. Beginners need to be guided step by step. And our app does so in a fun way.

Even if you normally kill plants, the Planty app will guide you from seed to harvest. It takes all the guesswork out of gardening and lets you water, sow and do plant-specific tasks based on their current lifecycle. Easy, fun and in just minutes a day. 

This ain’t your regular “we also made an app”-app. It was made, tested and improved over a period of 4 years and uses: 

  • Your unique growing situation and local weather
  • Your input based on simple “does your plant look like this” questions
  • Growing data of fellow Planty users 
  • The knowledge of professional gardeners 

So that it can tell you exactly how and when to care for your plants. 

I don't have a iOS/android device, can I still use Planty?

Maaan, you don't have a windows phone, do you? You could use Planty without the app, but you'll miss half of the magic. So we don't recommend it. 

I have feedback/an issue/a question about the app

Shoot a mail. Be gentle; he's a programmer. 

I'm basically a plant-whisperer; I don't need this app, right?

Just try using the app a bit, it's fun. If you don't like/need it, you can always decide to delete it. 

Orders & shipping

Can I have a Planty for free?


But: if you buy 4 Planty kits, you pay for 3. So you get the fourth for free. So: kinda yes. 

Do you ship to my country?

If you live in the EU or GB, then yes. Otherwise, not yet. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated! 

Who do you ship with?

DPD. They're great guys. Maybe, if you're lucky, this guy will deliver your Planty. 

Are there any customs, duties, or additional fees?

No, not within the EU. We pay all taxes here in the Netherlands. For GB: we do not yet know how it will be after the Brexit. But if it's any comfort: neither do they ;-).

What are the payment options?

Pretty much everything you're used to: Paypal, Apple Pay, Klarna, Creditcard, and some country-specific ones (Like iDeal for the Netherlands or Sofort for Germany).

Will I receive a tracking code?

Yes, we'll keep you fully updated on your order and you'll get a nice shiny track and trace link. 

What's your return policy?

In the highly unlikely event of you not liking our products, send them back for a full refund. You can read all our Terms and Conditions here