Planty kit


Planty kit

One box with everything you need to grow organic food - zero experience needed. Solid, sustainable materials, and an app that guides you every step of the way. 

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Your new green friend

A Planty kit adds some edible plants to your lifestyle. In a few minutes a week, you'll care for your own bit of nature, harvest some greens, and chill with your new plant-buddies. You're gonna love it.

Don't worry about learning gardening - the included app guides you from seed to harvest. And because of first-grade materials and completely thought-out growbag, you'll grow some supafresh plants. 

The best soil ever

The number one reason why even clueless gardeners will have success with Planty is our soil. Our soil is ridiculously good. Gardening in it is basically cheating. 

Our soil:

  • Is a mix of 100% natural, high-grade materials. 
  • Retains moisture, so you have to water less often
  • Has the perfect balance of nutrients for all plants from herbs to tomatoes 
  • Super long-lasting, you don't have to replace it every season like normal potting soil. Just add some resupply nutrients (included for the first year in every Planty) 

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"Airpruning" material

Our growbags are made of an airy fabric that let your plants' roots breathe. That's actually kind of a big deal: 
In "traditional" pots, you can't really grow nice vegetable plants. Why? Plants' roots continue to grow when they reach the pot's "wall": in endless circles.  This way they suffocate themselves, not being able to absorb food, ending up as sad little plants :(

In a Planty, you don't have this problem:
because of the airy fabric, roots stop growing when they reach the "wall" and will start to produce new, healthy roots. The result? Strong, sexy plants. RAWR! 

30x30cm: the optimal size

A Planty is 30x30x20cm. That's not a random size. It's based on the proven Square Foot Gardening system.

You see, all plants have a minimum area they need to grow. But if you give them exactly that space, you can cram lots of them into a 30x30 square.

For example, one Planty fits exactly:
1 Kale plant
4 Chard plants
9 Basil plants
16 Radish plants
They all get exactly the room they need to grow while you're optimizing harvest per cm. Nice! 

This planting system is also the foundation of the Planty app. 

Includes free gardening coach

To start gardening with Planty you need zero prior experience. No books, no tutorials, no workshops. Our free app has got your back: from seed to harvest. 

The free app tells you exactly when and how to take care of your plants. It adapts to your unique conditions and guides you step-by-step from seed to harvest.

More about the app

Move around easily

Plantys can be moved, rearranged, put on platforms, whatever you like. Even when they contain fully grown plants. 

Not only is this fun, but it's also useful. When your plants get bigger, they might throw shade on smaller plants, and you can rearrange to prevent this. When there's a heatwave in your country, some plants might need to be moved out of direct sunlight. Our app will remind you, of course. 

Natural seeds

All you need when buying a Planty is some seeds. You can choose from a selection of 12 seeds (for now). 

All-natural, NO GMO's, NO scary chemical coatings. Get those bees in your garden and make it a safe place for them! 🐝 

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100% recycled plastic

All Planty growbags are made of 100% recycled plastic bottles. So not only will you save on consuming plastic by growing food, you'll clean up plastic waste by getting a Planty. Go you! 

Start with one

Never gardened before? Just get one Planty for as little as €25 and see if it's for you! (Spoiler alert: you'll love it) 

You can always expand later: like a growing Planty family. Awwww! 

The perfect gift

When you gift someone a Planty, you gift them a fun introduction to food growing. To bees in their garden. To their own slice of nature. 

Sure beats a 12-pack of socks (which is also a good gift).