Planty kit black

Everything you need to grow organic food - zero experience needed. This perfect minigarden (30x30cm) comes with optimal growbag, soil, nutrients & app.

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Ridiculously good soil

Recycled plastic growbag

Guaranteed succes

Complete app guidance

General info

A Planty kit adds some edible plants to your lifestyle. In a few minutes a week, you'll care for your own bit of nature, harvest some greens, and chill with your new plant-buddies. You're gonna love it. 

Don't worry about learning gardening - the included app guides you from seed to harvest. And because of first-grade materials and completely thought-out growbag, you'll grow some supafresh plants. 

How to use

  1. Find a sunny spot around your house 
  2. Buy a Planty and some seeds, as cheap as €25. We send you a box with everything you need
  3. Install the app and follow the instructions

Seriously, it's that easy. You don't need to have any prior knowledge. Our app will guide you from the absolute start to a healthy vegetable garden. Don't worry, get growing! 

What's included

A Planty kit comes in a box made of recycled cardboard. It includes everything you need to start growing.

 • Planty - 30x30x20cm, optimized air-pruning growbag made of recycled plastic 

 • Soil brick & soil mix  - Add water and mix the 2 components to get an optimal, organic growing mix that you can use year after year

 • Resupply nutrients  - used to keep your mix fertilized & ready to grow for 1 full season

• Free iOS/Android app - fully guides you from seed to harvest in a fun, easy way. Zero gardening experience needed

All you need to start growing is some seeds. Pick your favorites and get growing!


Size - 30x30x20cm

Package weight - 4,6kg

Planty weight (in use with wet soil) - 7,5kg-10kg

Plantybag material - Felt fabric made of recycled plastic bottles

Soil type
- an organic mix of premium materials based on brown peat and vermiculite (read full ingredient list here)