Planty seeds

100% natural seeds. Carefully selected species that give lots of harvest on a small surface.

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Lots of harvest - tiny surface

Planty seeds are all species that give lots of harvest on a small surface. Perfect for growing in small modular gardens.

For example, we picked a kale plant that grows vertically instead of horizontally. Our lettuce keeps producing leaf when you pick some. Our carrot grows thicker when it has reached the bottom of your Planty. 

Fully supported by app

All plants have their own unique little needs and ways they want to be taken care of, and that can change depending on the current season, or your geographical location. 

How do you learn/remember all this? You don't have to. Our app completely supports all Planty seeds. All life-stages of our plants have been entirely thought-out, calculated, and illustrated to give you the optimal growing advice. 

All-natural & bee-friendly

All of our seeds are completely natural: no GMO's, no scary chemically-coated seeds that are bad for insects. Let's get some bees in that garden!